Code of Ethics

I. Introduction

PKS holding a.s. and its subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as the 'PKS Group') form a group of legal entities operating in the field of construction in the sense of Article 79 of Act No. 90/2012 Coll., on Commercial Companies and Cooperatives (Business Corporations Act). PKS Group is convinced that ethical and economic values are intertwined and therefore refuses any behaviour that is inconsistent with applicable law or moral and ethical standards. PKS Group requires all employees in different group companies to comply with the laws and ethical rules and to perform their duties properly.
Therefore, PKS Group adopts this Code of Ethics, which sets out rules of conduct and behaviour for all employees regardless of their employment, status or duration of their contract. The Code is based on the principles of honesty, tolerance, responsibility, compliance with rights and respect for human dignity. Managers are role models of moral and ethical qualities for other employees. They are responsible for their subordinates adhering to the Code of Ethics.
The values contained in this Code form an integral part of corporate culture and business strategy. Failure to comply with the provisions of this Code will be considered a violation of work discipline in accordance with the Labour Code.

II. The text of the Code of Ethics

Health and safety

Occupational health and safety are one of our priorities. Our efforts aim to prevent injuries. All employees are responsibly and regularly trained in occupational safety and health. We are constantly striving to create a working environment that promotes safety, health and well-being.

Respect for human rights

We strive to respect and protect human rights. We respect human dignity. We do not tolerate any form of child labour, the age of our employee may not be less than 15 years. We recognize the special needs of employees under the age of 18. Working hours fully comply with statutory regulations.
Equal opportunities and prohibition of discrimination
We do not discriminate, we treat all equally and offer equal opportunities to all, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, age, gender, appearance, religion, disability, marital status and sexual orientation. The corporate policy of equal opportunities covers all aspects of employment.

Relationships at the workplace

The Company is committed to creating an environment where employees are treated with dignity and respect. All employees are obliged to respect their colleagues. At the same time, we require recognition of others' opinions, even if they do not coincide with the opinion of an individual. We work as a team, and share our experience and knowledge. We strive for open and direct communication. We behave in a friendly and respectful manner. We do not tolerate unacceptable treatment of our employees, such as sexual harassment or abuse, psychological or physical pressure, bullying, disrespectful behavior, corporal punishment, or threats of such treatment. We build relationships based on trust.

Cooperation and conflict resolution

When performing tasks and treating our colleagues, we do not discredit our colleagues, distort or conceal the information necessary to accomplish a task, we do not prefer our own interests or the interests of a third person to the interests of the Company. We do not unreasonably refuse the necessary cooperation to other colleagues in the performance of the work tasks. In case of a dispute at work between employees, we actively, constructively and responsibly look for a solution to such a dispute, taking into account the interests of the Company; we immediately inform the superiors if no agreement is reached.

Personal development

We believe in our employees, appreciate them and cultivate their talent. We want to do our best for their development, professional growth and increased potential. We finance a wide range of trainings for our employees in different professions.

The right of association and the right to collective bargaining

Employees have the right to establish associations or organizations for the purpose of supporting and protecting the interests of employees. They can join, leave and be active in these organizations. However, membership in these associations must not negatively affect the performance of their job.

Protection of the reputation of the Company

We always, even in off-the-job activities, act and behave with the knowledge that we represent the Company. We avoid such acts, behaviour or statements that may damage or discredit the Company's reputation. We do not traduce the Company or our colleagues. We do not disclose information that may harm the Company in business, professional and marketing terms.

Protection of personal data

We process personal data in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR) and the Czech adaptation Act on the Protection of Personal Data. We protect all personal data and we do not provide them to anybody else without reason. We make sure that personal data are stored only for the time necessary. We only provide access to personal data to authorized persons.


Confidential information, such as know-how, trade secrets, business plans, projects and other, are not shared. This applies to the information which not only our companies, but also our customers and business partners are interested in keeping confidential.

Record keeping

We support transparent business. Our financial reports and all records present a true and fair view. We record financial transactions in a manner consistent with the law and accounting principles. We consistently keep records of safety and health, the environment, human resources and training.

Compliance with competition rules

We condemn all unlawful criminal practices that would restrict, eliminate or manipulate the competition. We do not tolerate agreements or mergers of competitors, unfair competition and the abuse of a dominant position on the market.


We reject any form of corruption, including bribery, embezzlement, fraud, protection or conflict of interest. We expect our business partners to do business in accordance with applicable laws and to legally finance their business activities. PKS Group has the Code of Conduct for Contractual Partners.

Conflict of interest

We make decisions regardless of our personal gain and benefit. We avoid situations where our personal or financial interests would conflict with the interests of the individual companies of PKS Group.

PKS Group's assets

The assets of PKS Group are tangible (real estate, machinery, cars, money, raw materials, computers, telephones, office equipment, etc.) and intangible assets (know-how, trade secrets, our brand, etc.). We always protect the assets from damage, loss, theft or misuse. We never use them for personal benefit, such as business.
Relationships with business partners and customers
We appreciate our business partners and customers. We try to understand them, build long-term relationships with them, behave fairly, with respect, and solve their problems. We take into account their comments, which could improve the quality of our products and services. Each business meeting has an unconditionally friendly and polite form, takes place with dignity, never from the position of power. We always provide correct, relevant information. We do not promise the impossible, we do not lie. We fulfil our promises. We ensure that our Contractual Partners understand our moral standards contained in this Code.

Our market commitments

We believe in quality and realize that quality work means benefits for both our customers and the PKS Group. We focus on continuous improvement and innovation. In the event that there are deficiencies in our work, we will recognize them in accordance with our contractual obligations and will deal with them accordingly.

Gifts and corporate hospitality

Gifts and corporate hospitality may not affect or create the impression that they affect our business decisions or the decisions of our business partners. The recipient must not be in a position to feel obliged to the donor. Allowable gifts include only low nominal value items, such as corporate promotional items. Other gifts are unacceptable and may be tactfully refused.


PKS Group supports and may support the activities and recipients in cultural, social, health, science, research, education, ecology, humanitarian, charitable, political, sports and physical education areas and in many others by funds or material donations.

The environment

We are fully aware of the environmental impact of our business. We approach environmental protection responsibly, in the form of a certified environmental management system according to CSN EN ISO 14001. We always consider the risks that our projects might have on the environment. We support the environmental thinking of our employees.

III. Reporting complaints

If there is a suspicion of behaviour that is inconsistent with the legal, ethical and internal rules, it is possible to notify the contact points listed below. Information about the notifier, if his identity is known, will be treated as confidential information, no form of retribution or revenge for reporting unlawful or unethical behaviour will be tolerated. At the same time, the notifier's identity will be known only to a pre-defined narrow circle of persons.The whistleblower will be informed of the results of the investigation of the complaint, if possible. All notifiers who make their notifications in good faith are granted protection against possible negative consequences.

Contact for reporting complaints:

  • e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • ethical line: 800 100 877
  • mailbox on the ground floor of the administrative building PKS holding a.s.

Approved by the statutory bodies of PKS Group in May and June 2018. Updated in the month of September 2022.

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